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Phuket Food Tour : Carbon Neutral Trip

Tasted of Phuketien  Local Life

Traveling  with local tour guides to make sure you’re not being scammed, or getting sick and tired of being herded to overly-touristy destinations when traveling with a tour package, but can’t imagine going through the laborious logistics of planning a free-and-easy trip?

Traveling is meant to open your eyes to the world, and there really is no better way than to let the locals show you around, but it isn’t easy at all to find locals who can speak your language and have the patience to spend time with you.


Phuket Secret Food Tour with local cooking class by local people   

Full Day Tour

Follow The Michelin Guide and Find the  City of Gastronomy    

 Adult 3,900 baht  Child 2,900 Baht

Amazing and Small Group  ( Max 10 persons / Day )

Included 10 -13 food menu

Operated    :  Wed & Sun            

08:45 – 09:00   Pick up from hotel lobby

10:00       Welcome to Phuket for breakfast With a menu of boiled rice black soup at , "Khao Tom Dee Buk  "  Phuket : The Plate Michelin 2019, served with local custard bread of the restaurant. And hot drinks. 

11:00      Visit the old town, The road that is Phuket's oldest commercial road hundreds of years and tasting the Roti Teaw Nam restaurant  , that has chosen Phuket Micheline Bib Gourmand 2019, walking around the old town. The beauty of the ancient buildings along the two sides is filled with a variety of products including Phuket style clothing. 

13:30    Take you to China Inn Restaurant , a unique restaurant. There is a small museum telling the story of Phuket people. This restaurant used to welcome Queen of Sweden  and Thai  princess . Relax with a Phuket local dessert (3 menus) and herbal drinks. 

14:00       Learn to cook Phuket local menu Stir-fried Mee Hokkien and Shrimp Sarong (Use only raw materials that can be found only in Phuket) 30 -45 mins. And then have a taste of the food you make by yourself. 

15:30       Take you to taste Phuket street food dessert “ Oh Eaw “ 

16:00       Take you to taste “ Loba BangNeaw “ tasting dish: Phuket The Plate Michelin 2019 

17:00     Ending with a walk, taste the local street food that is open for the evening for the lives of people in Phuket.

18:00    Back to hotel.

Remark : Itinerary can changed depend on restuarant

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