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Private : Tasted of Phuket Local Life

Tasted of Phuketien  Local Life

Traveling  with local tour guides to make sure you’re not being scammed, or getting sick and tired of being herded to overly-touristy destinations when traveling with a tour package, but can’t imagine going through the laborious logistics of planning a free-and-easy trip?


Traveling is meant to open your eyes to the world, and there really is no better way than to let the locals show you around, but it isn’t easy at all to find locals who can speak your language and have the patience to spend time with you.

Time : 07:30 am. - 05:30 pm.

Private Tour Minimum 2 persons

Price  : Adult 3,900 Baht   Child 2,500 Baht ( 4-11 yrs.)


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